This Apartment Complex is My Playground

When I told my mom that I was looking at Atlanta luxury apartments, she was naturally worried. It isn’t because she had good reason to worry, but rather because she worries over everything. She thought that it would cost me too much money to live in one. She knows I make a great living as a tax attorney, but I still had to reassure her that I was not getting in over my head. She wanted to know more about the place that had caught my eye when I told her that I had found the perfect apartment.

She knows that I am very outgoing, so I started with those features. There is a residents’ lounge that has a coffee bar, which is another huge passion of mine. Considering the coffee is delicious and free, that is reason enough to live here. There is also a huge clubroom, and there are several TVs there. This is usually where I go when I want to watch a local game. It is just more fun to watch a game like that with other fans rather than being cooped up in my own apartment by myself.

I don’t have to worry about maintaining a gym membership because there is one here. It has more than just a few exercise bikes too, like the last apartment I was at. It has a full range of cardio equipment, plus it offers resistance training equipment and free weights too. If I want to enjoy an outdoor meal, I just have to step a few feet out my front door to one of the many grills located throughout the grounds. I work hard, but I also play hard, making this a perfect playground for me. The best part is I finally convinced my mom that all is good in my world.