Shooting Clay Pigeons is Big Fun for Me

I never thought shooting could be so much fun. I used to be a bit afraid of shotguns. People told me they had a kick. I suppose they do if you do not hold them correctly. I learned how to shoot the right way, and I have no trouble with a 12 gauge shotgun at all when I go clay pigeon shooting for an entire day. I will shoot through many boxes of shells and my shoulder never gets sore. That is saying something as I am a small person. When I first started shooting, I had to grasp the concept of leading the target. I could not wrap my head around the fact that it takes a bit of time for the shot to exit the barrel, travel through the air and then meet the target. I was always behind the target on my shots. When I got how it works, I got quite accurate really fast.

I can shoot doubles, triples and quadruples when I go clay pigeon shooting now. I can even throw a handful of them into the air and get every one of them. Well, most of the time anyway. It makes for a cool trick in front of the other shooters. It is all about spotting where they are at in the sky, shooting the low ones first before they hit the ground and leading those targets. You have to adjust your lead based on how many yards out the clays are at. I’m sure there are mathematical formulas of trajectories and velocities, but you get an instinct for it with practice.

It is fun to shoot clays. I like that little poof of dust when you get one dead center. Of course, a hit is a hit. Even knocking the edge off one counts. I go through a huge box of clays and several boxes of shells every weekend. I like shooting a lot. It is a huge hobby for me now.