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Here is an area where members can sound off about projects in their area, or find out how they can become active with a current warbird project.

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  1. RDVector says:

    Hey guys, I’m in southern New Jersey right outside of Philadelphia and if there are any projects nearby I’d love to try and help. I don’t really have any special skills other than some research experience (history major) but if there’s any way I can help I’d be happy to give it a shot.

    • Chris says:

      Are you close to the Monmouth County Airport? I think we can find you some cool projects. Would you prefer a flying aircraft museum or static project? Thanks for starting the journey!

    • brucefluth says:

      Hey Guys, I really like listening to your show on Warbird Radio, and appreciate what you guys are trying to accomplish. I am a former Air Force Crew Chief who worked on C-130′s and F-16′s. I also volunteered at Planes of Fame East when it was located at Flying Cloud Airport in the Twin Cities area. I have been out of the Air Force since 1994 (after 9 years in the service) and haven’t really had a chance to help on aircraft since then. I am looking to help with any project in the Twin Cities, MN area. I am also a machinist if that would be of any use.

  2. RDVector says:

    I’m not really close to Monmouth. It’s about two hours (at least) from me in Williamstown. However, if that’s the closest place with projects then I suppose I can take an occasional trip up that way. I would say there’s a preference to a flying aircraft museum but static will work just as well as long as there’s a chance to help.

    • Chris says:

      No problem. Monmouth has a the Berlin Airlift C-54. That is a flying aircraft that tours the airshow circuit. Are you closer to Philly. Theere are several aircraft in the Philly area and also the Delaware Valley Air Museum at Willow Grove. There are some aircraft infront of VFW’s and such that could use help too. However one of the most exciting restorations in the warbird world is taking place about an hour from you. The Mid Atlantic Air Museum on the Reading Airport is restoring a P-61 Black Widow, a WWII night fighter to airworthy status. They also have several flying aircraft and some static. Would this interest you?

      • RDVector says:

        If there’s a way I could help specifically on the Black Widow project then the Mid Atlantic Air Museum would be great! I actually just read “Northrop’s Night Fighter” about the P-61 in December so that seems especially interesting.

        • Chris says:

          It sounds like the Mid Atlantic Air Museum is the place for you. They gladly are taking volunteers to work on all of their aircraft including the P-61.

          • RDVector says:

            Just a follow-up; on March 5 I’ll be heading out to the MAAM for new member orientation and to find out how I’ll be able to contribute to their work. I’ll let you guys know how it all goes!

  3. Chris says:

    If you do go and volunteer, please take some pictures, and let us know how it goes. We would love to have you come on the show and tell us about it!

  4. Justin says:

    New to this site, Are you guys affiliated with any place around the Indianapolis area? I have helped with a BT-13 and North American Harvard and really enjoyed it. When I am back in MI, I help maintain a SNJ-5 but would like to work on more and get involved with somewhere closer to where I live now.

    • Chris says:

      We are located near Indy, but we can find you something close to where you are. Where are you looking for a project? Welcome aboard!

      • Justin says:

        Hi Chris, I live in Carmel so anywhere around here would be great.
        And thanks.

        • warbirdaid says:

          Pardon the intrusion, my name is Rob. We are currently working on the B-17G at Grissom Air Museum. I could use all of the help I can get restoring the airplane to a museum quality static display. Lots of sheetmetal work required at this time. If you are interested in helping, please let myself or Chris know. We both travel from Indy to work on the B-17. Thanks, Rob

          • Justin says:

            Hi Rob,

            Sounds interesting and Grissom isnt to far north, when do you normally go up there and work? I defiantly would be interested in getting more information.

          • warbirdaid says:

            I usually head to Grissom every other Sunday to work on the B-17. Chris and I are trying to organize parts that have been removed from the 17 over the years. Meanwhile, Jake and I are gearing up to do repairs on the tail turret; which has been removed from the airplane for repairs.
            The folks at Grissom will need some major help here starting the weekend of March 19th, as the C-47 is slated to have a new paint job applied. When the paint job is finished in May (same time as Indy Airshow) the vet that flew the C-47 we are recreating in WWII will be present for an honor ceremony.
            If this interests you please PM Chris at chris@warbirdrescue.com, as my email is inop.


      • Justin says:

        Hi Rob,

        I tried emailing Chris at the email you listed and have not heard anything back. Is there a different contact address? Or you can email me directly @ eaa@pallasdesignstudio.com


  5. Tim says:

    I have a BSA Troop here in Indy, that is interested in helping out at the Grissom Air Museum. Is there something there that they can do? I was looking at either a day trip or if possible an overnighter where they would be there all day Saturday and part of Sunday.

  6. wingman37 says:

    Thought I would make everyone aware of a couple of T-28 Trojans here on Chattanooga. hixsonflightmuseum.org They are currently ready to put a T-28A back together after a great new paint job. The folks there are standup and I am sure they would love to chat with Y’all. We in the south have that great southern hospitality

  7. Jay says:

    I’m in Louisville KY. I met Jake just the other day at a restaraunt on Harrod’s Creek near the Ohio River in Louisville and he turned me on to this website and we spoke at length about Warbird Rescue. I would like to become involved. I have many years of experience in procurement of A/C parts and components. If I can be of service in the local Louisville area please contact me!

  8. Avn-Tech says:


    If someone lives near Edwards AFB, and want to help work on Warbirds & military vehicles, I have several aircraft and vehicles and coul use some help.

    Current Acft projects: Yak-52, L-5, Fouga (Static), P-40 (Replica for WASP Museum). Current vehicle: 2 ea, CJ-2A; M35A2C, HUMVEE (H-1), O-11B (firetruck), Fuel Truck, Tug, Generators, and numerous military trailers .

    Other projects awaiting restoration: 2 ea, L-5′s; 2 ea, PT-19′s, & F-86D (Static).

    John Fischer

  9. Avn-Tech says:


    Need to rebuild the Yak-52, and L-5 to fly. Also a Fouga & F-86D to static display.
    I have 6 ea 1:1 scale P-40 Movie props, one of wich is being cleaned up to go to the WASP Museum.


  10. Chris says:

    Would love to get involved with a war bird project around Richmond, VA.
    Anyone know of anything going on around there? I am aware of the the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, VA, but that is a long drive for me.
    ( Been there, great place! )

  11. Chris, I met you guys at Oshkosh this year. Was wondering if by chance you are a 501(c) 3 type non profit.

  12. John says:

    Hi everyone just checking to see if there were any project going on in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area I would love to help.

  13. gjwsmailbox says:

    I am just outside of Washington DC and would enjoy helping if needed. Anyone need any help working an some history?

  14. jpilot110 says:

    Hi everyone. My name is Josh. I live in Florence, SC. Is anyone aware of any projects around south or north Carolina that would be looking for a volunteer? I’m eager to help out in anyway I can. Thanks.

  15. skytex says:

    I’m looking for anyone who know how I might volunteer for the Bomber Gas Station restoration project in Portland, Oregon. I was told mustangdriver might have some suggestions. This is for a B-17 with tail number 485790.
    Thanks for any help anyone might provide.

    • Chris says:

      Hi there. They are in need of volunteers of all background. Contact Jason Scott at 503-654-6491 and tell him Warbird Rescue sent you. He will put you to work, and you will have a blast!

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