Moving to Cut My Work Commute from Two Hours to 15 Minutes

I used to drive almost two hours each way to work. I got a job in the San Antonio area of all places. Before I got laid off, I was five minutes away from work. I searched for a new job in my field, and I found a good one. However, it was in San Antonio that was almost two hours away from where we used to live. Twelve hours a day for work was wearing me down. My wife found some nice apartments in North San Antonio that would put me less than 15 minutes away from work even on a heavy traffic day.

I was impressed with the place. The swimming pools were not an afterthought like they are at some hotels. Yes, I said pools as they have two of them for the residents of the apartment complex. The Woodbridge Apartments have a lot of amenities packed into your lease. In the corner of the room next to the big sliding door that leads out onto the patio is a fireplace. We have a fireplace in our apartment. How cool is that? The place had me sold on the first walk through. We have a separate dining area, and the kitchen is fully equipped with appliances. There was no need to buy our own refrigerator.

The bedroom is big enough to hold our king bed without needing to have furniture so close that you cannot even open the drawers all the way. Yes, we had that at our old place. We could not even take the drawers out of the dresser to carry it out until we disassembled the bed. Now we have plenty of room. Our newer furniture also looks a whole lot nicer in this apartment. Our antique pieces look fantastic. We have some pieces I had redone that we bought at a flea market. We really like our new place, and I am happy to now have a short commute.