It Has Been Perfect Living Here

When I started looking at South End Charlotte apartments, it did not take me long to figure out that I wanted to live at City Park View. There are just so many benefits to living here, and I wanted to enjoy every single one of them. The hardest part of my decision in moving here was which apartment to get. All of the one bedroom apartments were available, which meant that I had my choice of three different layouts. There were also three two bedroom units that have two baths each along with a two bedroom that has two and a half baths.

I just needed one bedroom and one bath, so I thought picking the apartment I wanted out of the three would be an easy enough decision. It turned out to be hard though because I liked all three of the floor plans. The smallest one is 742 square feet, which is still pretty big for a one bedroom unit. The second one is just slightly bigger at 748 square feet, and the biggest one is 790 square feet. As you can see, not a lot of difference in space, but the layouts all had their own advantages.

I looked at all three layouts and soon took the smallest one out of consideration. This was because the bathroom was not accessible straight from the bedroom. I liked that the two bigger one units I can walk right into the bathroom from either my bedroom or one of the other rooms. I knew I had to make a decision, so I finally chose the biggest one, mainly because it had a bigger walk in closet in my room. I have not regretted this decision even once, because everything about living here has been perfect ever since the first day when I moved in.