Goods Made of Melted Scrap

I once saw a tutorial online of how to make various things out of metal. All you need to do is make the item out of foam first, and then bury the foam in a bucket of sand. Then you melt the metal and pour it into the bucket were the foam is, and the metal will take its place, forming the object. I looked at scrap copper prices per pound because I wanted to melt them down into copper ingots that I could use to make my metal items. The ingots make it easier to make items because they’re already melted into small blocks that can just be thrown into the forge.

I also had to make the forge to melt the metal. The online video suggested making one out of concrete with some metal taken from a used fire extinguisher. The forge works by healing up to an incredibly high temperature so that anything that enters it either melts or burns up. It seems like a lot of work just to make your own metal items, but it’s the most affordable option. You have to be careful when working with high temperatures, because there is always the risk of burning yourself or setting something on fire. That’s why I always wear protection and do any melting outside on my patio, where there is nothing that can catch fire.

The first thing I made from my forge was a copper sword. The sword came out fine, but it needed a bit of polishing to make it more presentable. I used a rotary tool with a special attachment for polishing metal. The sword had a shiny finish on it once the polish was completely done. I keep the sword displayed on my wall so anyone can see it when they enter my home. Everyone thinks the sword is some kind of expensive piece that I bought from a collector.