Getting Ready to Move Again

It was not a very hard decision once I got a new job. A friend of mine called me up a couple of weeks ago, he told me to go see his boss and it turned out that they were pretty much desperate for someone with the skills that I have. They have a huge problem and the guy that could have fixed it for them, went off the deep end and he is not any use to anyone. After looking around I decided to move to the Hermitage apartment complex. It is not a perfect location for this commute, but obviously it is a lot better than what I was going to have to do. I was totally on the wrong side of the metro area. It would have taken me around forty five minutes to get from there to the office, if it all went to plan. Of course in Nashville, there is hardly ever a good commute and it is especially hard if you have to take Interstate 40.

I would have liked it if the place had cost me less, but I can afford this place quite easily. It is a good place with the easy access to the office. It is really only about five to ten minutes for the commute, which was as good as I could have hoped to get. That really depends on all going as well as it could, but you can slide in through the back streets where you are never going to run into a lot of traffic. In fact I figure that I could ride my bike there and not have to get on any street where that is not the smartest thing that you might try to do. Obviously it is not going to be bike riding weather much longer.