An Apartment Complex That Exceeds My Expectations

I knew even before I moved to Atlanta that I was not going to look for anything other than luxury apartments in Buckhead. I had been living in the same apartment complex for nearly three years before I moved, and I was just tired of it. First off, there were no elevators there. That is not a big deal if you are on the ground floor or even the first floor in some cases, but I was on the fourth floor. That meant that I had to carry everything from packages to bags of groceries up four flights of steps.

There was also no assigned parking. This would not have been so bad if I only had to walk a little ways to get from my car to my apartment. Sometimes it was several building lengths. The part that upset me was that I knew a lot of the people parking there didn’t even have an apartment in the complex. That is why I wanted to only look at luxury apartments. I figured that the policies and protocols have to be better at a nicer place. During my search, I found Overton Rise, and it is where I now live.

There is a parking deck that is covered, and it has controlled access. That means that I am never left in the rain, and my spot is not going to be taken. Also, there are elevators here. I will never get tired of riding one up to my apartment. My favorite thing here are the fire pits outside because I met a couple of really special people at it one night. There are so many things to like here at the Overton Rise, from the pool and fitness center to the washer and dryer and garden tub in my apartment. I will never settle for less from now on.