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It Has Been Perfect Living Here

When I started looking at South End Charlotte apartments, it did not take me long to figure out that I wanted to live at City Park View. There are just so many benefits to living here, and I wanted to enjoy every single one of them. The hardest part of my decision in moving here was which apartment to get. All of the one bedroom apartments were available, which meant that I had my choice of three different layouts. There were also three two bedroom units that have two baths each along with a two bedroom that has two and a half baths.

I just needed one bedroom and one bath, so I thought picking the apartment I wanted out of the three would be an easy enough decision. It turned out to be hard though because I liked all three of the floor plans. The smallest one is 742 square feet, which is still pretty big for a one bedroom unit. The second one is just slightly bigger at 748 square feet, and the biggest one is 790 square feet. As you can see, not a lot of difference in space, but the layouts all had their own advantages. Continue reading

Moving to Cut My Work Commute from Two Hours to 15 Minutes

I used to drive almost two hours each way to work. I got a job in the San Antonio area of all places. Before I got laid off, I was five minutes away from work. I searched for a new job in my field, and I found a good one. However, it was in San Antonio that was almost two hours away from where we used to live. Twelve hours a day for work was wearing me down. My wife found some nice apartments in North San Antonio that would put me less than 15 minutes away from work even on a heavy traffic day.

I was impressed with the place. The swimming pools were not an afterthought like they are at some hotels. Yes, I said pools as they have two of them for the residents of the apartment complex. The Woodbridge Apartments have a lot of amenities packed into your lease. Continue reading

A Swimming Pool is a Must

I knew exactly what I wanted when I started my hunt for apartments in far North Dallas. I did want a nice place to lay my head every night, but I was far more interested in what the complex was offering me outside my front door. I mainly use any apartment I have as a place to sleep or to stay in when the weather is really bad. Since the weather is usually pretty great here, that means I am outside a lot. I wanted to look at pictures of the pools each complex has as well as the fitness centers.

If a complex does not have those two things, then I am simply not interested. Continue reading

I Had No Idea That My Trip Would Turn into a Move

I was pretty excited to learn that our annual conference was being held in Florida. I’d never been there, and I really looked forward to checking out the area during my downtime from the conference. But that did not alert me immediately that I would be suddenly looking through Buckhead luxury apartments for a place to move into within just months! It all happened so suddenly when I was there at one of the conference events. I met one of the directors from our Florida branch, and he really liked me. He’s the one who asked if I would like to transfer. I told him I would give it some thought and get back to him.

I can’t say that I was in love with the state I was living in before. It’s a bit boring there. We don’t have a lot of things to do in nature like people in Florida have. And there are so many wild animals in the state that I would never see back wehre I lived before. I had never been a beach nut before because I really hadn’t been on any beach trips before. Continue reading

This Apartment Complex is My Playground

When I told my mom that I was looking at Atlanta luxury apartments, she was naturally worried. It isn’t because she had good reason to worry, but rather because she worries over everything. She thought that it would cost me too much money to live in one. She knows I make a great living as a tax attorney, but I still had to reassure her that I was not getting in over my head. She wanted to know more about the place that had caught my eye when I told her that I had found the perfect apartment.

She knows that I am very outgoing, so I started with those features. There is a residents’ lounge that has a coffee bar, which is another huge passion of mine. Continue reading

An Apartment Complex That Exceeds My Expectations

I knew even before I moved to Atlanta that I was not going to look for anything other than luxury apartments in Buckhead. I had been living in the same apartment complex for nearly three years before I moved, and I was just tired of it. First off, there were no elevators there. That is not a big deal if you are on the ground floor or even the first floor in some cases, but I was on the fourth floor. That meant that I had to carry everything from packages to bags of groceries up four flights of steps.

There was also no assigned parking. Continue reading