Monthly Archives: May 2017

Shooting Clay Pigeons is Big Fun for Me

I never thought shooting could be so much fun. I used to be a bit afraid of shotguns. People told me they had a kick. I suppose they do if you do not hold them correctly. I learned how to shoot the right way, and I have no trouble with a 12 gauge shotgun at all when I go clay pigeon shooting for an entire day. I will shoot through many boxes of shells and my shoulder never gets sore. That is saying something as I am a small person. When I first started shooting, I had to grasp the concept of leading the target. I could not wrap my head around the fact that it takes a bit of time for the shot to exit the barrel, travel through the air and then meet the target. I was always behind the target on my shots. When I got how it works, I got quite accurate really fast.

I can shoot doubles, triples and quadruples when I go clay pigeon shooting now. Continue reading

Goods Made of Melted Scrap

I once saw a tutorial online of how to make various things out of metal. All you need to do is make the item out of foam first, and then bury the foam in a bucket of sand. Then you melt the metal and pour it into the bucket were the foam is, and the metal will take its place, forming the object. I looked at scrap copper prices per pound because I wanted to melt them down into copper ingots that I could use to make my metal items. The ingots make it easier to make items because they’re already melted into small blocks that can just be thrown into the forge.

I also had to make the forge to melt the metal. The online video suggested making one out of concrete with some metal taken from a used fire extinguisher. The forge works by healing up to an incredibly high temperature so that anything that enters it either melts or burns up. It seems like a lot of work just to make your own metal items, but it’s the most affordable option. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Move Again

It was not a very hard decision once I got a new job. A friend of mine called me up a couple of weeks ago, he told me to go see his boss and it turned out that they were pretty much desperate for someone with the skills that I have. They have a huge problem and the guy that could have fixed it for them, went off the deep end and he is not any use to anyone. After looking around I decided to move to the Hermitage apartment complex. It is not a perfect location for this commute, but obviously it is a lot better than what I was going to have to do. I was totally on the wrong side of the metro area. It would have taken me around forty five minutes to get from there to the office, if it all went to plan. Of course in Nashville, there is hardly ever a good commute and it is especially hard if you have to take Interstate 40. Continue reading